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Here at Rigo Signs we pride ourselves on delivering quick and excellent work to our customers. We’re always learning on how to improve our shop, products and service. We want to be the Central Valley’s number one choice for custom apparel and merchandising and we believe we’re headed that way.


Rigo Sr. & Patti Moya


Rigo Sr. and Patti Moya are founders and owners of the Rigo Signs Shop. They have been married for 36 years, have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. When they're not here, they're most likely in Las Vegas or Pismo Beach getting some much needed R&R.  

Ruben Moya

Shop Manager

Working alongside his parents for the last 10 years, Ruben has pretty much mastered all aspects of a print shop. Majority of the time, he's the brains behind any new project or design we roll out. His newfound hobby for graphic designing has played a huge part in our re-branding and fresh new look. Also, we can all thank Ruben for creating and bringing to life our mascot, Flash The Squeegee. 

Ashlyn Moya

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ashlyn got into the business by default by marrying Ruben ;) Although she's only been here for 2 years her creativity and spunk have added improvements to the shops overall look and work environment. If she ever gets a moment, she's most likely reading a book with coffee (or tea) in hand. 

Anthony Renteria

Graphic Designer

Bringing his fresh and clean designs, Anthony has been a great asset to the Rigo Signs team since 2015. Anthony enjoys long walks on the beach and hot yoga classes (HA! just kidding) He plays city league softball with his team, The Lazy Boyz.    


Manuel Velazquez

Screen Printer

With over 20 years of experience, Manuel definitely knows his stuff. If something isn't working right, leave it to Manuel to 'Mickey Mouse' it. Manuel plays a big part here and we're grateful to have him on our team.   

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