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  • How Much Does A Shirt Cost?
    It all depends on these questions What Brand of shirt are you wanting? Is it a front and back print? How many colors is the print? Do we need to design this item? How many shirts are you ordering? All these answers will altar the price of the shirt. Have all of these answers figured out and we can get you a quote no problem.
  • How Much Do Hats Cost?
    Hats go off of these questions What brand of hat? How many stitches is the logo going to be? Are we embroidering just on the front or the sides as well? How many hats are you ordering? There is also a Digitizing Fee. Digitizing is what needs to happen in order to get your logo or company name into a file form that can then be embroidered. The digitizing fee can run from $35-$45 depending on the size of design. However, after the initial digitizing fee, we will have your logo/name on hand and you wont need to pay that fee the next time you order hats or shirts.
  • How Much Are Decal Stickers?
    Decal prices go off of these quetions How big are you needing the decal? How many decals are you needing? Do we need to design the decal? Are we installing the decal on an item or vehicle?
  • How Much Are Signs, Banners, Business Window Signs?"
    Signage is all based on Size and if we need to design it from scratch. It also depends on what type of board your wanting your sign to go on.
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